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100% of net proceeds from this event will go to support our goals and mission, with 0% for administration costs.  3 Up 3 Down is a 501(c)3 charitable organization.  Donations made are  fully tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

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Mission:  The 3 Up 3 Down Organization strives to promote, strengthen and foster youth baseball in and around the Greater New York and Hudson Valley areas, as well as, provide additional community support for those with developmental disabilities.

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The Cause:  Though seemingly popular on the big stage, recreational baseball's numbers have plummeted over the last several years threatening the future of the sport.  According to Sports and Fitness Industry Association over a five year period, baseball has lost 4.3% of its population of 6-17 year old's over this time (slow pitch softball had an even greater decline at more than 11%).  Indications are that this trend will continue.

A Local Solution:  Community and non-community involvement, using our resources, contacts and fundraising to help become a catalyst to rebuild recreational baseball in and around our area.  We will work with local entities to assess what they feel their local more immediate needs are while working with larger entities to help facilitate longer term change.  To help commence this endeavor, we are calling on the local community for help with any donation, small or large.  100% of the net proceeds of any donation will go directly back into the community to help support the future of the sport while also making an impact on a non-baseball related cause (supporting those with developmental disabilities.

High School Futures Game

Sunday July 15, 2018 - 6:00PM

Dutchess Stadium

Sponsored by 3 Up 3 Down in coordination with 

The Hudson Valley Sports Reporter

Come join us for our inaugural High School Futures game Sunday July 15th, 6pm at Dutchess Stadium!  The Stadium will be open ALL DAY for FREE BASEBALL with a 45+ All Star Game at 10:30am, an 18+ All Star Game (mid-week division) at 2pm and our signature event of the day will be the High School Game.  Admission is completely FREE!  We'll have hot dogs and refreshments for sell to benefit our Organization and mission.  Bring your glove, discounted glove embroidery!!!  

High School Game will be wood bat and be played with HVMSBL rules.  Wood bats will be provided but players are welcome to bring their own.  All costs associate with this game are being picked up by 3 Up 3 Down.  

Lastly, save the date, Friday July 27th for our signature event of the year, our annual Adult League All Star Game which will truly show case the best amateur baseball in the Hudson Valley while celebrating and supporting baseball in the area (details below).