About Us

The 3 Up 3 Down Organization is a non-profit designed to promote, foster and support the game of baseball to youth and others within our community.  The organization through its members and stewards shall support the promotion, facilitation and education of the game. The Organization shall also help support other worth non-baseball causes further enhancing the community.

Though baseball is still America's pastime, the popularity of the sport has waned in the last decade.  Longer games, night games with later starts, the expense of going to games, and the introduction of other sports and activities have had a drain on popularity of the sport even threatening its future.  Though Major League Baseball (MLB) has certain programs it attempts to introduce locally, these programs are only one step in helping keep interest in the game.  It’s locally where the game will survive and potentially thrive once again.

Strategic planning, fundraising and calculated utilization of donations may infuse continued interest in the game and keeping the sport healthy for many years to come.  Though MLB certainly benefits from continued interest in the game, so does our youth.  Physical fitness and life lessons learned from participating in the game are reason enough to forge forward with our mission.

It is our hope and desire to give back to the baseball community and help towns, leagues, and other organizations continue spreading the game.  On the flip side, we also believe it's a privilege and a right to play this game.  In doing so, we believe it's important to also give back to the surrounding community where we play.  Therefore, included in our overall goals of are  some altruistic goals as well.  We therefore will be forging forward with the following initiatives/goals in mind:

Supporting Local Youth Leagues – at its core - assisting leagues, teams and even individuals, by providing equipment and materials, while supporting training opportunities and positive experiences for our youth. 

Supporting Local Community Endeavors - supporting recreation departments, towns, community organizations, parent and volunteer groups and leagues with field improvements to ensure they are safe and in good shape so players may enjoy where they play.  This may include one-time special investments in individual fields or even longer term investments in facilities or parks.

Supporting the Community (outside of the game) - raising awareness and supporting our general community by donating to local organizations that may support non-baseball related causes.  In 2017, we will be selecting 3 organizations to support.  Giving back to the local community teaches all players so many lessons that it should be inherent in any league's endeavors.

In 2016, after years of giving back to the community, the HVMSBL formerly decided to start the 3 Up 3 Down Organization.  One of the core values of the League, giving back to the community, has continued to resonate within our League and become a staple of who we are.  Initiating a cumulative area approach to supporting the game with community in mind makes sense.  The HVMSBL now has more than 400 active members locally and our parent organization has more than 40,000 members nationally.  Though our focus with be mostly local, it's nice to know we can think much bigger as we continue to help bring back the game.

The beneficiaries of our endeavor are our youth and anyone who gets involved.  Join us!