Other Beneficiaries- as mentioned in our "About Us" section, in addition to stated goals and missions of helping support and promote baseball in and around the Hudson Valley, we also firmly believe that giving back to our surrounding community is equally important, especially for those that may not ordinarily be able to play or enjoy the game in quite the same way we or our children are able.  In 2017, we dedicate our additional efforts of giving back to the developmentally disabled community.   We are proud to announce that 20% of our net fundraising in 2017 will go to the following organizations:


3 Up 3 Down

Charity Fundraiser

Saturday June 3, 2017

‚Äč(thank you to all that participated and donated -

additional details including pictures from this event forthcoming)

Charity event to support the growth and development

of youth baseball in the Hudson Valley and battling developmental disabilities

Help us support our baseball initiatives in the Hudson Valley.  Your donations will go to helping support the goals and missions of the 3 Up 3 Down Organization including supporting local youths league players and organizations with equipment and training opportunities, supporting local community endeavors through recreation departments, towns and community organizations, and supporting the community outside the game including our goals to support some non-baseball related causes - in 2017 those will include supporting those with developmental disabilities including The Anderson Center for Autism, The Fragile X Research Foundation (FRAXA), and Green Chimneys.